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Our association represents businesses in the Fairfax business district in Kansas City, KS.

FAIRFAX PROUD: Many do not know the historical significance of Fairfax. The Fairfax District is believed to be the first planned industrial district in the country and currently houses over 130 businesses, employs over 10,000 people and generates over $5.4 billion in annual sales. Business sizes range from very small, one- employee businesses, to large companies, employing more than 3,500 people. Many are world famous: the Fairfax Kellogg’s plant makes 85% of the world’s supply of Cheez-Its, CertainTeed is the largest insulation manufacturing plant in the world, Owens Corning makes the famous Pink Panther insulation and The Fairfax General Motors Assembly Plant is the only plant making the Chevrolet Malibu.  Between the 2 Pipe Line Companies (Magellan and Phillips), 95% of the Kansas City metropolitan area’s supply for unleaded gasoline and diesel and 100% of the jet fuel comes out of Fairfax.

The Fairfax District embraces 2,000 acres in a central location of the Kansas City metro area. The district was founded in 1922. The Fairfax Industrial Association, FIA, was established in 1951. The FIA has a board of 12 members representing businesses within the Fairfax District. The FIA Executive Director reports to the FIA board and serves as the liaison between businesses, the FIA board and FIA partners through various platforms including FIA luncheons, newsletters, email blasts, public letters, website and one-on-one meetings.

FIA partners include the Unified Government of Wyandotte County, the KCK PD, the Board of Public Utilities, the Fairfax Drainage District, the Historic Midtown Northeast Association, the KCK Chamber, the Union Pacific Railroad, and the Wyandotte Economic Development Council.

The FIA is supported through resident business memberships and associate memberships. The association works specifically to address the Fairfax business needs and betterment of the district.

A Celebration of 100 Years of Fairfax!

This has been an exciting year as our district celebrated 100 years, a historical milestone for the many businesses that continue to define Kansas City. On October 6, our year long celebrations concluded with the Fairfax Festival! We ate, we drank, we played lawn games (congrats to our champs Plastic Omnium) we danced to the M-80s and we ended the day with a spectacular fireworks display over the Missouri and Kansas rivers.

Here were some historical events from this year:

  • June 9th: Fairfax Tower Signage Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Happy Hour: To help celebrate our new Fairfax towers in the district, we had our ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Fairfax Tower located at Funston Rd & 7th St. We also had a tent, table, chairs, live music, appetizers, beer and wine. View highlights and slideshow;
  • The Wyandotte County Historical Museum showcased a three-month exhibit celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Fairfax, highlighting historic photos, videos and artifacts from the past 100 years. Click here to view highlights >>
  • Fairfax Night at the Monarchs – On July 28th, we celebrated Fairfax Family Night at the Monarchs. View Highlights
  • A special FIA luncheon on Aug 18 at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum. featured our special guest speaker, Esther L.  George, president and CEO of the Kansas City Fed and the Tenth District’s representative at the Federal Open Market Committee. Click here to learn more >>
  • A special 100th Anniversary FIA Sept 15 luncheon at the Wyandotte County Museum’s 100th Anniversary Fairfax Exhibit. Click here to view highlights >>
  • The 7th annual Fairfax Festival was held at Kaw Point Park on Thursday Oct 6th, 2022 . In addition to the usual live music, beer & wine garden, local food, raffle prizes, lawn game tournament and more this year, we had a a mini-Wyandotte County Historical Museum at the event for all of the 130 company executives and employees to relish and appreciate enormous community pride in working with one of the United State’s most historic area. A special fireworks display lit up the skies at the end of the Festival, commemorating this momentous year for all Festival attendees and Kansas Citians alike. Click here to view highlights >>

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